I saw the play at Alabama Shakesphere Festival this weekend called “Flagmaker of Market Street.” The acting was superb, but it was the same old saw…the dirty, rotton Southerners versus the noble minded Unionists.

I won’t write the Montgomery Advertiser or anything, but suffice it to say, it was not surprising. If they (whoever they are) had been sympathic to the Confederate cause, I would have been not only surprised, but speechless. (surely not)

 As we exited the theatre, one of our very trusted historian friends said “they would never have whipped a young slave woman like that” (the way they portrayed it in the play) and I have to agree. It just would not have made any sense. that was just one of the anomoles in the play (poetic license).

Are we always going to have to “live down” Harriet Beacher Stowe and Julia Ward Howe? PLEASSE. Give me a break!!!