David O. Dodd is remembered in his home state of Arkansas as a seventeen year old teenager who chose to hang as a spy,  rather than betray his comrades. When a friend shared information about him, I was amazed, because like so many of our unsung  warriors, I had never heard of him.
In Little Rock, Arkansas though, he is known as a sort of a folk hero. An article by Jeannie Nuss of the Associated Press, says that he was detained after Union soldiers found encoded notes on him about their troop locations. Dodd was convicted of spying and sentenced to death, when he, according to legend, refused an offer to walk free in exchange for the name of the person who gave him the information.
Critics think he should not be honored because he was fighting a war to defend the institution of slavery. Others counter with the fact that to commemorate Dodd is not about honoring slavery, but about remembering the past.
I guess that discussion will go on until the Lord comes back again!!!