Hello all,
As you can well imagine a house built in the 1830’s takes lots of upkeep! Did you know that the First White House was moved in 1921? It was originally downtown near the river, at the corner of Lee & Bibb  Streets when the Davis family lived in it.

By the late 1890’s the First White House had become in need of restoration and the area had become commercial. Help!!! It was time to act! So in 1900 The White House Association of Alabama was formed to save the House. It took 20 years to raise the money and have the House moved and restored. 

On June 3, 1921 on Jefferson Davis’ birthday the House was reopened  in it’s new location with a grand celebration and given to the people of the State of Alabama. Thus the State  owns and maintains the House & the grounds. The White House Association owns the Collection and Artifacts in the House and oversees the ongoing work of this wonderful House Museum.

The First White House is now located at the corner of Union Street and Washington Avenue, across the street from the Alabama State Capitol, next door to the Archives and History Building and a block from the Martin Luther King Memorial Church. We invite you to come and visit any time, and until then, please  visit our website at www.firstwhitehouse.org.