A gentleman has presented us with a book titled The Jewish Confederates by Robert N. Rosen, and I am eager to read it.
 The book “jacket” explains that until this book, the number of Jewish Confederates that participated in the War Between the States  has largely been unknown.  I quote from the jacket: “Rosen reveals the remarkable breadth of Southern Jewry’s participation in the war and the strength of Jewish commitment to the Confederate cause.”
 We read on: “Rosen finds that although many members of the established, prominent Jewish communities of Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah volunteered for battle, the majority of Jewish Confederates were recent immigrants from the German states, Central Europe, Poland, Hungary, and Russia… few owned slaves and many had left Europe to escape warfare.”

And in summary: “Demonstrating that Jews participated in every imaginable aspect of battle – and home front- life, Rosen relates the experiences of officers and enlisted men, businessmen and shopkeepers, politicians and peddlers, nurses and seamstresses, rabbis and doctors.”
This sounds like a fascinating study. It is published by the University of South Carolina Press. Rosen, the author, was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, where he is now a practicing attorney.

Thank you, kind and thoughtful donor! Unfortunately I do not have your address so I cannot write you personally.