In searching the Internet for information on  Margaret on Monday I found photographs of Hollywood Cemetery where Jefferson Davis is buried. It brought back memories of the afternoon we visited his grave, which is a very peaceful place overlooking the river.
Varina and Jefferson lie side by side. Also in the plot are the remains of Joseph, their son who died in a fall off the balcony at 2nd White House in Richmond at age five; Varina Anne (Winnie), their youngest daughter, and Margaret Howell Davis Hayes, their oldest daughter and her husband.
There is a magnificent stature of President Davis and on it two plaques. The one in the front reads: Jefferson Davis At Rest. An American Soldier. And Defender Of The Constitution. Born In Christian Co. Kentucky June 3. 1808. Died At New Orleans Louisiana Dec.6.1889. West Point Class 1828.
Member House of Representatives From Mississippi.1845-1846.
Col. 1st Missi. Rifles Mexican War 1846-1847. Brigadier Gen. U.S. Army May 17.1847.
U.S. Senate 1847-1851. Secretary of War 1853-1857. U.S. Senate 1857-1861.
And the plaque on the back reads: President Of The Confederate States Of America. 1861-1865.
Faithful To All Trusts. A Martyr To Principle. He Lived And Died The Most Consistent Of American Soldiers And Statesmen. Blessed Are They Which Are Persecuted For Righteousness  Sake For Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven. Erected By His Wife Varina Howell Davis. And His Daughter Margaret Howell Davis Hayes. Nov. 9. 1899.
Tomorrow I will tell you about the marker for Varina.