The “Stars and Bars”, the popular name of the first Confederate flag was raised over the Capitol Building at Montgomery on the morning of March 4, 1861. It was prepared under the direction of Honorable Alexander D. Clitheral, and tradition says that a group of women of the city gathered at the Court Street Methodist Church on the afternoon before and from silk furnished by several of them made this flag from the model furnished by the Flag Committee of the Confederate Congress.

Miss Letitia C. Tyler, granddaughter of John Tyler, one time President of the United States was visiting a family a few miles east of Montgomery and was chosen to raise the flag. She pulled it into place amid the thunder of cannon and the shouts of the vast multitude assembled to view this impressive occasion.

Please visit our website at to read about the “Four Flags of the Confederacy”.Which one we fly at the First White House? The “Stars and Bars” of course! And you may be interested to know that descendants of Letitia Tyler are on our White House Association Board today!