Lots of good things are going on at the First White House. We have obtained a  beautiful Child’s Bed of the 1860 period which belonged to Mary Ann Walton Westcott Riley (1861-1943), and was generously donated by Gerald Thompson II of Birmingham, her descendant, given in memory of his Mother, Elizabeth Oden Ellis Thompson.

We have had our chandeliers conserved and are in the process of moving several to enhance the ambiance of the House. Mr. Stan Mullins of Montgomery, his son and granddaughter have toiled for hours in this process. I report that they are now back to the 1861 period (the Chandeliers, not the Mullins!)

Next up is repairing the iron fence which is original to the House, and having an iron bench made, compliments of the Merry Weeders Garden Club which gave us a generous contribution to be used toward the grounds.

Our receptionists have been given navy blue blazers to wear, so we are all very chic. What else? Many items of interest in our Gift Shop. Come and visit us!!!