I came across a March 1, 2009 book review from the New York Times that was in our files on our quintessential Hollywood movie favorite Gone With The Wind. The article was by Armond White who says that the movie deserves to be rescued from critical disdain and given its correct place among American pop masterpieces such as “The Godfather”, “On the Waterfront” and E.T.”

White quotes Molly Haskell who written a book called “Frankly, My Dear ‘Gone With the Wind’ Revisited”. I quote White who says about Haskell’s book: “In Haskell’s thoughtful revisionism, Scarlett comes to embody personal and national contradictions…focusing on Scarlett’s turbulent, childlike ways, Haskell illustrates the traits of beauty, self-regard and the uninhibited will to act that have made GWTW one of the least dated classic Hollywood movies.”

And again quoting Haskell, “These attributes will always be disputed, but Haskell’s critical sensitivity rescues Scarlett’s Americanism and femininity, indicating how her image redounds upon our eternal political struggles and deepest fantasies. Haskell clarifies the long shadow that Scarlett O’Hara casts over the American movie imagination”.

Wouldn’t it be fun to order both of these books and read them side by side? It has been a long time since I read GWTW although I watch the movie from time to time. How long since you read it?