From the Journal of Confederate History Vol. 1. No. 1, Summer 1988,  Dr. John McGlone wrote: “It is safe to say that Southerners of 1861 did not think of themselves as rebels, traitors, or slavery advocates. Rather they thought of themselves as patriots defenders of the Constitution, and protectors of their homes and families.”
Dr. McGlone goes on to say that they perceived themselves as engaging in a second American Revolution. Remember who is in the center of the Great Seal of the Confederacy? None other than George Washington on horseback.
He points out that most rebellions are an attempt by a “discontented minority” to destroy or alter the existing order. In contrast he says, our fore bearers were simply attempting to preserve the status quo.
I quote further: “…The South wanted to return to the ….simpler days of 1776 when Southerners controlled the nation’s destiny. Whether one accepted or rejected this viewpoint largely decided the color of uniform to be donned in 1861 and still affects American politics and society to this day”.