I was just wondering, what if Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of American, had been assassinated? Thanks to the Providence of God, he was not brutally murdered like Lincoln, Garfield, Kennedy and so many other notable men.
But this being said, his character certainly was assassinated, wasn’t it? He was arrested, accused of treason, put in prison and treated very harshly. His citizenship, his home (temporarily) and his fortune were all taken away.
He was never brought to trial, because if he had, it would have been proved by the Constitution, that the South had the right to secede. After two years  he was released on a $ 100,000 bail bond, signed by 20 prominent (mostly Northern) men. By then, he was virtually a broken man, but he had borne all his difficulties with dignity as befit the true Southern Gentleman that he was.
I have shared before, that after the war, he was like “the man without a country” on so many levels. It was Jimmy Carter (I shared this before too) who restored his citizenship.
 In a sense (only a sense of course), he seems to me to have been in so many ways “a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief” as Isaiah describes the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course Davis was only a man, not a Savior, but guess what? Jefferson Davis had a personal relationship with the Man who Is Our Savior, and that is what makes all the difference!!!