On May 10, 1865 Jefferson Davis, who had evacuated Richmond April 2, was captured in Georgia with his family. Note to self: he did not cut and run to Mexico!

He began his two year imprisonment at Fortress Monroe, during which he was treated very badly. He bore this with great fortitude. He was released in 1868 and traveled in Canada, England and France.

From 1869 to 74 he served as president of a Memphis life insurance company, which unfortunately failed five years later. In 1877 he again visited England in an effort to increase trade with the3 South.

He settled at Beauvoir on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast in 1878. He published his book: The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, in 1881. Sadly, he died on December 6, 1889, after in brief illness, in New Orleans. Varina was with him when he passed from this world to the next.