Hello Readers,

We hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and holidays and that you are ready for the New Year and 2014. It is coming, ready or not! Just want you to know I will be away for a few days starting tomorrow but hope to return the end of this week to start the new year right with regular blogs once again!
Another biggie will be if Auburn can win the National Championship on January 6th against a very formidable opponent, Florida State University. Regardless of the outcome, it is amazing that Auburn is in the BCS title bowl game.
2014 will also begin the sesquicentennial of the fourth year of the War Between the States. Things are beginning to unravel rather quickly for the South.  We will recount those battles right here so stay tuned.
We will also report on upcoming activities at the First White House of the Confederacy. There will be busy days ahead! I will take up where I leave off in a few days. Please stay with me.