A new book, “Pale Blue Light”, written by Alabama Political aficinado Skip Tucker is a thriller based on the premise that Stonewall Jackson was murdered and not killed by “friendly fire”
It seems a bit farfetched, but stranger things have happened. Is it possible that jealousy and greed could have played a hand in the shooting of Jackson?

Tucker paints a picture of Northern agents and greedy power-brokers in the South joining togeether to covertly take down Jackson and with him the hopes of a victorios South.

Tucker says “I wanted to explore his death…and I wanted readers to hear and feel the rage and pain of battle and to know the heroism on both sides of the conflict”. The war had been a passion of his, and Jackson had become a hero. Tucker said he had read about 40 books about “The Recent Unpleasantness”. It took him six weeks to write the first draft and another six years to get it right.

Sounds like a winner, doesn’t it?