The Montgomery Advertiser reported on May 14 that the Winter Building, at Court Square in downtown Montgomery, would soon become a hotel. This is of course the building from which the telegram was sent which began the War Between the States.
The telegram, sent on April 11, 1861, was addressed to General Beauregard in Charleston, and came from L.P. Walker, Secretary of War for the CSA. It said: “Do not desire needlessly to bombard Fort Sumter. if Major Anderson will state the time at which, as indicated by him, he will evacuate, and agree that in the meantime he will not use his guns against us …you are thus authorized to avoid the effusion of blood. If this or its equivalent be refused, reduce the fort as your judgement decides to be most practicable”.
We all know what happened = the Union forces refused to leave peacefully and the next day, April 12, 1`861 the first shot of the War Between the States was fired, and the bloodiest war in American history began.
It will be great to see this historic building saved, and we wish the developers well.