In today’s Montgomery Advertiser there is an article from AP writer Emily Wagster Pettus, titled “For Mississippi, Civil War’s anniversary brings angst”.

In the first place it was not the Civil War. There was nothing civil about it. It is rightly called WBTS or The War for Northern Aggression as I have said before. The article also mentions the fact that the Miss State flag bears the  Confederate Battle emblem. Well so what! Its their right after all, isn’t it?

It goes on to say that a marker commemorating the 11th Miss Infantry is being dedicated this weekend in Sharpsburg, Md. where 119 members were killed in what the Yankees called the battle of  “Antietam”. Interesting to us is that one of the speakers is Bertram Hayes-Davis.

The article goes on to say that the state is taking a “decidedly low-key and scholarly approach to commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Civil War”.Couldn’t the same could be said for Alabama and the rest of the Southern states?