Its hard to believe 2012 is half gone.You may be curious about the number of visitors we have had at the First White House during the first six months. Here is our “head count”through June 30, 2012  –  14,598.
This is about 1000 more people  than we had this time last year. We are doing everything we can to increase the number that visit, through magazine advertising, the website (www.firstwhite and of course, word of mouth.
I am very excited that a Civil Heritage Trail is underway in Montgomery. More will be said about that  soon, as Montgomery’s Downtown Business Association is working on this. It should be a huge asset for the downtown area, where there are so many Civil War and Civil Rights sites to visit. Educate, Educate, Educate! That is our main purpose..
And, for your information, if you are like me and enjoy facts and figures, here is the breakdown of visitors to FWH so far this year: 9525 from Alabama; 4627 from other states; and 446 from foreign countries. 60% of our visitors are from scheduled tours, mainly 4th grade Alabama school students, because this is when they study Alabama history.