There is a book about Jonathan Edwards titled “Marriage to a Difficult Man:”. This might well be said of Jefferson Davis, but as one author put it, Jefferson was married to the “noble and gifted woman who clung to him, not only as a faithful wife, but as his ‘guide, philosopher and friend’ through all the vicissitudes of his checkered career-who shared and sympathized in all his ambition and triumphs-who, in his hour of calamity…stood heroically by him.”
I am glad to see Varina receiving the credit due her. An article in the History of the Confederate Memorial Associations of the South pointed out how she clamored for justice and fiercely defied and resisted the torrent of unmerited denunciation and abuse who was poured upon his defenseless head.
 The article goes on to say: “true in death as she had been in life, she devoted long and laborious years of her desolate widowhood to the writing of that memoir of her husband which stands as an exhaustive and triumphant vindication of his memory, and will survive as one of the most valuable contributions which has yet been made to the history of a momentous era”.