We are having our usual busy summer at the First White House. We have had lots of visitors including two groups of International Students from Maxwell Air Force Base and people from many different States as well as right here in Montgomery.
We are making progress on the repairs upstairs. We have finished work in three upstairs bedrooms, the nursery, and the Relic Room. Next week we will move furniture back into Mrs. Davis’s New York Bedroom and begin repairing the ceiling in the upstairs hall and do more painting there. And after that we will begin painting downstairs.
The outside of the House has been washed down and the outside driveway, sidewalk, brick wall and fence have all been pressure washed. The City has repainted the yellow curb markers. Everything just looks beautiful. The grass and plantings look great too. In short, the House looks loved and cared for.
It is so important for us to put our best foot forward at all times, wanting our tourists to have an enjoyable experience and for them to feel the ambience of this historical significance and importance of our Museum.
Please come and visit us if you have not been in a long time. We are eager to welcome you!