In the U.S. News and World Report December issue there is an article about the 50 top things to do before you die (or something). Number 33 on their list was “Visit a Civil War Battlefield”!

This goes right along with my last blog about the new Alabama Civil War Trail brochure published by the Ala Dept of Tourism and Travel. The U.S. News article goes on to say “Mark the Sesquicentennial with a walk into the past”. It mentions that many events marking the anniversary will take place at the battlefields and that the Civil War Preservation Trust can map out an itinerary across some 600 battlefield sites.

Speaking of battlefield sites, check out the prints by Don Troiani  on the Internet or buy the book Don Troiani’s Civil War. He has painted some wonderful battle scenes. There is a second book as well: Don Troiani’s American Battles: The Art of the Nation at War, 1754-1865 . I really like his work and I am sure the books are fascinating.

As you know, The War Between the States was the first in history to be photographed on a large scale. Matthew Brady and others followed the Union troops and took pictures of everything from generals to army mules. Thus we have a magnificent record of the war in photographs and in art. (If only it had ended differently!).