My friend Dr. Jack Kushner, who grew up in Montgomery and graduated with me from Lanier High School has written two books that deal with Civil War issues. I have mentioned one of them on my blog before, “When Universities Are Destroyed; How Tulane University and the University of Alabama Rebuilt After Disaster“. It is the story about the rebuilding of Tulane after Hurricane Katrina and the rebuilding of the University of Alabama after it was burned by the Yankees. It also tells of the difficult challange of rebuilding during reconstruction.

The second book has just been published and is called Courageous Judicial Decisions in Alabama“. In it, issues are discussed from the venue of a court room as we see what decisions were made which eventually changed history in Alabama.

You are invited to look at Jack’s website where you can read more about his books. From there you can visit his blog which is very interesting as well.

I urge all who are interested in the Confederacy, to visit his website and his blog, and to order both of these books.