When guests enter the First White House of the Confederacy they are greeted warmly by our Receptionists. They are asked to sign the guest book so that we can tally the number and origin of each guest. You see, we are asked to report to the Tourism and Travel Department on a monthly basis!

Next, everyone is given a self-guided instruction sheet. Plaques are on the walls designating each room  and a detailed description of the most important and interesting artifacts in each room is noted on the self-guides.

Visitors are encouraged to visit our Gift Shop before leaving, where they may purchase post cards, booklets, flags, books, toy, T shirts and many other souvenirs. As we do not charge admission, the proceeds from the sale of items, plus donations, fund our Collection. We are always trying to conserve and update the treasures in our fine House Museum.

The White House Association of Alabama is the oldest historical preservation organization in Alabama and is one of the oldest in the United States dedicated solely to the preservation of a House Museum!!!