The small site at Locust Grove with only 27 plots represents an era in Louisiana’s romantic history. The cemetery is all that is left of what was once the vast acreage of  Locust Grove Plantation, owned by the family of Jefferson Davis’ sister, Anna E. Davis Smith.

In the summer of 1835 the future Confederate President brought Sarah Knox Taylor Davis, his bride of only 3 months to visit his sister. Both  Knox (as she was called by family and friends) and Jefferson contracted malaria, and  Knox, the daughter of General Zachary Taylor, died at the age of 21. Her grave is situated there among those of other Davis family members.

The story is a true poignant chapters in Southern history. She was only 18 when she met her future husband at Fort Crawford on the Wisconsin River. Jefferson was a 24 year old lieutenant at that time. They fell in love and married, despite her father’s objections. Jefferson gave up his military career in order to give her a life of happiness and ease. It was 8 years after her death before he overcame his grief.