Dr. John Eidsmoe of Montgomery has written a fine biography on Thomas G. Jones: Warrior, Statesman, Jurist For The south: The Life, Legacy, And Law Of Thomas Goode Jones. This book is available on Amazon and we recommend it.

Jones grew up in Montgomery, moving here with his family in 1850. He attended Virginia Military Institute, and in 1862 left VMI with the rest of his classmates to serve in the Confederate Army under Stonewall Jackson. He fought in many well-known battles and was wounded four times.

Jones led that last desperate charge at Appomattox and later that day, when he carried the flag of truce for General Lee, he and his fellow officers fully expected to be killed or imprisoned before the day was finished. Instead they were given paroles and allowed to keep their horses provided they consented to return to their home states and be peaceful citizens.

And so with his mount, his parole, a decoration for bravery, and his uniform, twenty year-old Thomas Goode Jones returned to Alabama. Eidsmoe’s book tells of his law practice, his work as a legislator and Governor, and his service as a federal judge. A remarkable renaissance man.  We have forgotten so many of our heroes. I am grateful to Professor Eidsmoe for this thoroughly researched and well-documented portrayal of the life of Thomas Goode Jones.