Did you know that Jefferson Davis and family only lived in the First White House less than three months in the spring of 1861 before Capitol was moved to Richmond?

Did you know it was rented for him at the cost of $ 5000.00 per year (fully staffed & furnished)? Alot of money back then. I bet there was “talk” about it!

 Did you know that the White House Association of Alabama was formed in 1900 to save the House?

Did you know that the Association was patterned after the Mount Vernon Ladies Association of the Union, formed in 1853 to save George Washington’s home?

Did you know it took twenty years to obtain the money to purchase it and move it to current locale?

Did you know that the Association gave the House to the State of Alabama on Jefferson Davis’s birthday, June 3, 1921 after it was moved and restored?

Did you know we do not charge admission but depend on contributions and gift shop sales?

Did you know we have a website: www.firstwhitehouse.org ?

Did you know you are reading this because you are …(you finish)!