“Things Confederate” continue to make the news. Last week in the Wall street Journal there is an article about the opening of the Museum of the Confederacy-Appomattox. This annex of Richmond’s Museum of the Confederacy, at Appomatox  is so rich that (and I quote from the WSJ) “you may well want to plan two days here. After your first trip through the 5,000 square feet of gallery space, you’ll want to turn right around and go through again, afraid that you’ve missed something”.
Another improvement plan regarding “things Confederate” is described by Alvin Benn, in the June 27 Montgomery Advertiser, to give Confederate Circle in Selma, Alabama. ‘a new look’. Confederate Circle is located near where Yankee cavalry routed outmanned Confedederate defenders under Nathan Bedford Forrest’s command in the waning days of The War. Money is being raised to beef up security, and improve the area.
At the First White House of the Confederacy we witness every day the fact that people want to know about the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, and the part Montgomery, Alabama played in the War. Over and over again we hear “we were just on our way from such and such to so and so, and we just wanted to stop by and see the First White House”. It makes us so grateful to be a part of this history that is as “new” as it is old.