Did you know the United Daughters of the Confederacy have a Display Case in the Relic Room at the First White House of the Confederacy? It is full of interesting memorabilia with a variety of items.
 As one might expect, there is a fine collection of Confederate veterans’ medals and ribbons. There is also a framed Confederate States of America Loan certificate with payment coupons dated 1861; and a United Daughters of the Confederacy gavel, made of oak and inlaid with bullets found at the battlefield of Chickamauga.
 You can see a typewritten letter from Governor Bibb Graves accepting the Sophie Bibb chapter’s offer to place a statue of Jefferson Davis in the Rotunda of the Alabama State Capitol. I don’t know if that ever happened, but there is one on the Capitol grounds. A poignant  letter from a wounded Confederate soldier is in the grouping, but the date and writer are unknown.
Something else of great interest is an exceptionally rare drawing done by a wounded soldier in the hospital in Montgomery, Alabama, lettered: Camp before Vicksburg  March 6th, 1863  Colonel G. Taggert’s Quart’s.
There is a silk Confederate flag, noted as “carried during the War Between the States”. It was probably carried by a Montgomery company, at least on parade, as it shows no evidence of battle wounds. These flags are highly valued.
This case adds a great deal to the Relic Room and we are so happy that the Sophie Bibb Chapter wanted to do this. Sadly, this Chapter disbanded a few years ago, but the Cradle of the Confederacy Chapter now owns the Collection in case # 9.