Here is a quote from The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government by Jefferson Davis. I think it is appropriate considering that he was inaugurated on Feb 18. 1861 one hundred and fifty years ago this week, right here in Montgomery.

He says: “When the war closed, who were the victors? Perhaps it is too soon to answer that question. Nevertheless, every day, as time rolls on, we look with increasing pride upon the struggle our people made for constitutional liberty.

The war was one in which fundamental principles were involved; as force decides no truth, the issue is still undetermined, as has already been shown. We have laid aside our swords; we have ceased our hostility; we have conceded the physical strength of the Northern states.

But the question still lives, and all nations and peoples that adopt a confederated agent of government will become champions of our cause. While contemplating the Northern states- with their federal Constitution gone, ruthlessly destroyed under the tyrant’s plea of “necessity”, their state sovereignty made  a byword, and their people absorbed in an aggregated mass, no longer as their fathers left them, protected by reserved rights against usurpation – the question naturally arises: on which side was the victory? Let the verdict of mankind decide.”

At the First White House we have in the President’s study, the very table on which he wrote “The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government”. I urge our readers to purchase this book from Amazon and read it.