Although the newly-elected President of the Confederate States of America maintained offices at the Government Building at Bibb and Commerce Streets, and negotiated much business at the Exchange Hotel, many decisions of State were made in this room.

The center table, sofa and rocker in the Study are original to the House and were given to us by John Dowe in 1998. (It is amazing how many things “come back” to us after a period of time – and we are grateful).

On a small round table Jefferson Davis wrote The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government during his retirement at Beauvoir.

The chair beside it and the small desk by the chair were used by President Davis in the Senate Chamber at the Capitol. The mahogany plantation desk in the study was used by the President here, at Richmond, and also at Beauvoir.

The dictionary on the desk belonged to the President and Mrs. Davis at Brierfield Plantation. It was taken by a Northern soldier and returned to us in 1977.

The massive pair of bookcases, at least 12′ tall, belonged to Thomas Hill Watts, Confederate Attorney General and then Governor of the State of Alabama from 1863 to 1865. The lace curtains that hang in the case on the right are the original ones which Mrs. Davis gave for use in the house.

There are many other things of great interest in this room. Some say that this is their “favorite room” – won’t you come and see it soon? We invite you!