I saw in the Montgomery Advertiser today, September 21, 2014 that the movie version of “Gone With the Wind” is celebrating its 75th Anniversary December 15th in Atlanta, Georgia. Bryan Alexander writes “For its 75th anniversary, the film will see screenings in more than 650 theatres nationwide on Sept. 28 and Oct 1…”

I have a DVD copy, do you? I will watch it to celebrate, but just for fun, I may head for the movie theatre nearby. There is nothing like the big screen.  As soon as I saw the caption in the paper today I automatically began humming the theme song. Bet you can’t watch it without shedding a tear or two.

Of course the movie is based on the novel by the same name by Margaret Mitchell. I have blogged about GWTW many times as it is one of my favorites. The Advertiser article said it is the box office gold standard by which all other movies have not been able to top. It won 10 academy awards.