A Government of Our Own” by William C. Davis stands as  the definitive treatment of the formation of the Southern Confederacy.

Much as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes  fascinates us, so does this marvelous book – prodigiously researched and possessing a diverse cast of characters. The difference being that in “A Government” the characters are real.

There is Jefferson Davis, a military hero, who could not refuse the call to be President; Alexander Stephens, a frail, reclusive man, chosen to be his vice president; and many others, from brilliant orators to bombastic blowhards.

There were men like Robert Toombs, known for his bon mots, who might have been president if he had not had a serious drinking problem, and Thomas Cobb who wheeled and dealed in an effort to have his brother made president instead of Davis.

Arthur Conan Doyle had wonderful characters and grand and intriguing stories, but how can you beat the stories of real people in real life events? Especially when you have the tumultuous events of the making of the Confederacy, right here in Montgomery, Alabama!

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