This Historic First White House Center Table is the third piece of furniture in the President’s Study that was known to have been among the original furnishings of the First  White House during the Davis residency. These three pieces were actually owned by the lessor, Col. Edmund Harrison, and subsequently sold to the Abraham family and then to the Dwen-Dowe family. These pieces were donated to the First White House in 1998.
The table was made in the Northeastern United States, probably in Boston. It is supported by a pedestal of paired supports of a broad lyre form, breaking in the center into two out-scrolled branches, all resting on a rectangular platform, supported by four scrolled feet on casters. The top is of Italian Variegated Grey marble, square with rounded corners above an ogee-molded skirt with fine mahogany veneers. The woods are richly figured and of deep color.
I wish it could talk and tell us stories about what went on while Jefferson Davis was in Montgomery at the First White House, and then afterwards, when the war was over, and people were trying to pick up their lives.What amazing people they were! I would like to think we are like them, just a little bit.