A copy of the Great Seal of the Confederacy hangs in the entrance hall of the First White House of the Confederacy. It is very impressive because in the center is – guess who? George Washington. Is it not symbolic that the Confederate States of America used George Washington as a symbol of the new Country. Do you wonder why?

A simple answer – The Confederates believed that it was they who were perpetuating the ideals of their revolutionary forebears, so in creating their new nation the Confederates essentially duplicated the institutions of the old Union. It was no surprise then that the seal prominently features George Washington on horseback.

He is surrounded with a wreath, which is made of some of the main agricultural products of the Confederate States: wheat, corn, tobacco, cotton, rice and sugar cane. The margin of the seal features the words “The Confederate States of America: 22 February 1862” and the national motto, Deo Vindice (“Under God, Our Vindicator” or “With God as (our) Champion”).

The date on the seal February 22, 1862 takes on great symbolism, for Washington was born on February 22, 1732  and Jefferson Davis was inaugurated President for the second time in Richmond on February 22 1862      I quote my friend Bill Stone who said” Washington is and will always remain the Father of the Confederacy and the Father of our Nation.

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