I have described a few of the things in the entrance Hall, President Davis’s bedroom, Varina’s bedroom and the President’s Study. Now I would like to take you to the First Parlor, the first room on the left as you walk into the building.

I remind you that almost all the furnishings in the First White House are either original to the House, belonged to the Davis family, or are “of the 19th century period”. The carpet in the First Parlor is a rare and historic Wilton type carpet from the 1850’s. To the left of the entrance is an attractive mahogany rococo revival sofa that was traditionally the property of President Davis and was part of the furnishings of the FWH during the Davis occupancy.

In the center on the north wall is a fine pier mirror. It’s companion is in the Second Parlor. The tall gilded frame of each monumental pier mirror is onrnamented with rich rococo carved and scrolled leafage.They are thought to have been at Brierfield in Mississippi, or possibly Beauvoir.

A fine rosewood square Grand Piano, circa 1855-75 stands in the corner. Too many other pieces of furniture to describe right now. I will close by telling you of the grand cornices over the windows and the girandoles on the mantel. Both were used by the Davises at Brierfield Plantation, their home near Vicksburg.

You can learn more from our website at www.firstwhitehouse.org and certainly we invite you to visit in person as well.