I am sure there are mysteries surrounding every War, but the disappearance of the Confederate Treasury is a most interesting conundrum. Maybe some of you blog readers have your own theories about what happened to it, and I would love your comments. Lets go for the gold!
It seems the bulk of the Confederate funds traveled with Confederate President Jefferson Davis in the last days of the War when he left Richmond for Georgia. One account I read said almost all the assets were dispersed to pay soldiers returning home. Whether that is true or not, we know Davis was captured in Irvinville, Georgia, so where was the rest of the money?
The Brantley County Historical and Preservation Society in Nahunta, Georgia has published an interesting article “Whatever Happened to Confederate Gold?“. In this article the case is made that Sylvester Mumford of Waynesville, Georgia was the recipient of much of the gold after Davis’s capture. The article mentions a book by Martha Mizell Puckett entitled “White Sands” in which she tells the following tale about Davis’s last cabinet meeting in the home of Robert Tooms in Washington, Georgia. “All the Gold of the Confederacy was divided among the members of the meeting, and each one would fend for himself and would use the money as he felt it should be used”. Mumford was at that meeting.
After the War Mumford built an industrial home for orphans and also gave a great deal of help to the Presbyterian home for orphans at Clinton, SC.. We know for sure a lot of money passed through his hands. His daughter too, later invested and reaped well, and it is reported in the article that her personal lawyer was asked by her about what she should do with the “remainder of the Confederate Gold”.
Again, tell me what you think? My good friend and historian Richard has already told me he thought the money went with Judah Benjamin. There is a good case for that for sure!