As you know if you are a faithful blog reader, that Monday we celebrated the 204th anniversary of the birth of Jefferson Davis, the first and only President of the Confederate States of America.
It was a busy and happy time, with the House bustling with people and much excitement in the air! We were all eager to hear what our accomplished speaker, Murfee Gewin had to tell us, and we were not disappointed!
Murfee brought a fresh and warm approach to the life of Jefferson Davis. It was obvious that he had given a great deal of thought to the subject matter. He reminded us that Davis’ father was a Revolutionary War Veteran, and that the Revolution was still very much in the hearts and minds of the men who established the CSA. That is why George Washington is in the middle of the Great Seal of the Confederacy.
  Davis had conflicting views on secession and tried to keep the union together, but when he was not successful, this American patriot supported his beloved Mississippi and the South wholeheartedly.