Sunday’s paper had a “test” for those who had seen “Les Miz”. It was so much fun to take, that I thought I would make up a test for you to see how much you know about Jefferson Davis. I will give the answers in the next blog: Here go the questions, no cheating now!!!

1. Jefferson Davis was a graduate of which military school?
2. He commanded a regiment in which war? (Hint, do not say the War Between the States!)
3. In what Cabinet Post did he serve and under which President?
4. In what city did he take his oath as Provisional President of the Confederacy?
5. Where did he become the Constitutional President?
6. How long was his term of office to be?
7. Where was he captured by federal troops?
8. Where was he imprisoned?
9. How was he released?
10. Where is he buried?
and a couple of personal questions –
11. How many times was he married and what were the names of his wives?
12. How many children did he have and how many of them married and had children?

If you have all the right answers you are a true Confederate and do let me know!!!