Here are ten facts about Gettysburg I found from the Civil War Trust website on the Internet and want to share:
1. The battle was fought at Gettysburg because of the road system, not about shoes.
2. The first day’s battle was much larger than is generally thought.
3. The second day was the largest and costliest of the 3 – can you say Devil’s Den, Little Round Top, the Wheatfield, the Peach Orchard, Cemetery Ridge, Trosler’s Farm, Culp’s Hill and Cemetery Hill?
4. Of 120 generals, nine were killed.
5. Culp’s Hill and Cemetery Hill were more important than Little Round Top.
6. Pickett’s Charge was huge but by no means the largest charge of the War.
7. Gettysburg was the costliest battle but not the largest (Fredericksburg had more troops present)
8. 63 Medals of Honor awarded to Union soldiers for their actions. (none to Confederates I don’t suppose)
9. Gettysburg Address same as Edward Everett’s speech but 1/60th the time.
10. While the Gettysburg Battlefield is well-preserved, there are many parcels still to be saved.