Don’t we all enjoy telling about our summer vacations? Usually when we start talking, the other person interrupts with the tale of their own trip! But  today, knowing I won’t be “interrupted” I want to tell you about our visit to the Second White House and The Museum of The Confederacy in Richmond VA.

The House and the Museum are next door to each other and  actually the House is a part of the Museum. The two buildings are nestled beneath the tall buildings of modern downtown Richmond. The Museum has an impressive number of items from the Civil War, including uniforms, sabers, rifles, saddles, etc.
The Second White House was built in 1818 by John Brockenbrough and passed into many other hands but is still called the Brockenbrough House. Davis maintained an office in his home. As you probably know, the Davis family left Montgomery and the First White House in the late spring of 1861 when the government moved to Richmond, after Virginia succeeded from the Union.

 The youngest two Davis children were born in the Second White House, William in 1861 and Winnie (named Varina Anne) in 1864. Sadly Joseph, another son died in a fall from the 15′ high front portico in 1864.