After I mentioned the Battle of Seven Pines last week, a dear friend shared that her great, great grandfather was killed  there, leaving a wife, three small sons and a baby daughter, my friend’s great grandmother, who was less than a year old when he died.

My friend said: “How tough it must have been for him to have been lost! How tough life must have been during and after the war!” She went on to say that his wife died too, before 1870, so it was up to family members to care for these orphaned children. 

Fortunately, her great grandmother grew up in the loving care of aunts and uncles. She lived her entire life in South Montgomery County and died in 1957 at the age of 96. About this woman my friend shares, “She was a STRONG woman – surely drawing on her strength gained during those difficult years in the post-war south.” She enclosed a photo of her gg grandparents and her great grand doing Red Cross volunteer work at the end of WWII.

Do you have an ancestor story to share? Please take a moment to do so on our “comments”. Others would like to read them I feel sure.