Yesterday I mentioned  a quilt made by Varina Davis, wife of President Jefferson Davis. Today I want to share information on a beautiful Davis Star-Blocks Quilt, made for President Davis by 15 women of Richmond, including Varina Davis. It too is at the Museum of the Confederacy and can be viewed on line. It is exquisite.
The ladies made it for the President during the stormiest part of the “War For States Rights”. Every piece was made by a different person, and embroidered with pieces of sewing silk left over from the years of ease and plenty. 
 Once when President Davis was sleeping under it, he asked that it be taken off and “put away with lavender” which is an old fashion term which meant “with great care”.
Here is the link again to the MOC where you can click “view quilts” –

The Museum of the Confederacy’s Quilts, an online exhibit at