We love heroes, don’t we? One of my favorites, as I have written before, is T.J. “Stonewall” Jackson. When he died by friendly fire, Gen. Robert E. Lee said, “I have lost my right arm”.

When I googled Confederate Heroes, I read that 70 Southern Generals died during the War. Think of it: 70!
Men like Jeb Stuart, A.P. Hill, Albert Sydney Johnston, Pelham, Pender, Pettigrew, John Hunt Morgan and so many more.

They died in places like Shiloh, Spotsylvania, Antietam, New Market, Vicksburg, Yellow Pines, Petersburg, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Chickamauga, Seven Pines, Atlanta, and even Appomattox.

 In McWhiney’s book which I have mentioned before, Attack And Die, McWhiney quotes Confederate Colonel W.C.P. Breckinridge: “it was the fate of Southern armies to confront armies larger, better equipped and admirably supplied. Unless we could by activity, audacity, aggressiveness and skill overcome these advantages it was a mere matter of time as to the certain result.”

The quote continues “It was therefore the first requisite of a Confederate general that he should be willing to meet his antagonist on these unequal terms, and on such terms make fight. He must of necessity take great risks and assume grave responsibilities”

This being said, it is no wonder that the Confederacy lost so many of these able and much needed Generals. Truly, as one of the Yankee Generals said “war…is all hell”
But let me ask you – is it a “man thing”? I just don’t see women wanting to go to war, although I know some do. Is it wrong to say “I’d rather bake a casserole?” Its a lot more rewarding if you ask me!