A beautiful silver bowl once belonging to Mrs. Jefferson Davis is being auctioned on June 8. Here is the provenance on it:
Jefferson Davis: An Exceptional Samuel Kirk & Son Castellated Repousse Coin Silver Bowl Presented to Mrs. Jefferson Davis by the Citizens of Macon, Georgia. Former Confederate President Jefferson Davis traveled to Macon, Georgia in October 1887 with his wife, Varina Howell Davis and his daughters, Varina Davis Hayes and Winnie Davis, to attend the Georgia State Fair and a Confederate veteran’s reunion. Arriving by special train on October 25, 1887 the Davis family was taken to the fairgrounds by carriage. There, the citizens of Macon presented Mrs. Davis with this large silver bowl. The five-thousand Confederate veterans marched past the aging Davis and he tearfully took their salute. Jefferson Davis would die in 1889.

The magnificent bowl is beautifully executed in the meticulous “Repousse” pattern made famous by the Baltimore silversmiths at Samuel Kirk & Son. Each inch of the bowl is hand chased and the top has a very distinctive castellated rim. It measures 7.25 inches high and 9.25 inches in diameter. The bottom is marked “S. Kirk& Son” and “11oz” which denotes the purity of 91.66, and not the weight. The underside of the bottom rim reads, “Mrs. Jefferson Davis from the Citizens of Macon Ga. Oct. 25, 1887”. This bowl had an honored place in the Davis home until it was inherited by Jefferson Davis’ daughter Varina Howell Davis Hayes. This and the other Davis family silver pieces were obtained directly from lineal descendants of Jefferson Davis and Varina Howell Davis.
Estimate: $4,000 – up.

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