In my last blog I told you about Jefferson Davis’ parents. I also mentioned that his oldest brother Joseph was born in 1784 in GA, as were Benjamin Davis (1787), Samuel A. Davis (1788), Anna Eliza (1791) and Isaac Williams (1792).
Father Samuel and family were in Fairview, Ky by 1797. Born there were Lucinda Farrar (1797), Amanda Jan (1800), Matilda (1801), Mary Ellen (1805/06) and Jefferson  (1807/08). He was the youngest of the ten children and his father gave him the middle name Finis, which means finished in Latin, as most of you readers know!
The family moved to Mississippi in 1809. Father Samuel died in 1824 and in the 1830 Census Jane, Jefferson’s mother was living with daughter Lucinda. Jane died in 1845 at the age of 85.That was a long time for that day and age! She must have been a “tough old bird”!!!