Last evening was the First White House Sesquicentennial Fundraiser Reception with William C. Davis (Jack) and his wife attending from Blacksburg, VA. I am happy to report the event was a huge success in every way!

We had a great crowd. The flowers were lovely, the food and refreshments were delicious, and Jack made a fine talk which we all enjoyed so much. It was great to have them in Montgomery and to get to know them. Jack also spoke at noon at the Dept of Archives and History and that talk should be on line on the ADAH if you want to hear it. It was about the formation of the Confederacy here in Montgomery.The talk he made to us was a challange to work on our family history, to read, to write, to discover, and to appreciate what hisorians actually have to go through to write a book!!!  Jack gave us alot to think about and challanged us to take advantage of the new social media tools that we have available at our fingertips (literally)  for research and learning.

The Church of the Ascension was a beautiful venue. It was so special to be there. All the ladies of the White House Association worked very hard to make it an evening to enjoy and to rememember, so that our guests would look forward to the next event that we sponsor.

The Lord was gracious as always and provided us with perfect weather so we could have refreshments on the patio before going into Ascension hall for food and the talk.We should have some photos on our website within the next few days.

 Just want to let you know too, I will be out of town until Sunday, so I will not be writing again until then. Have a great weekend each and all!!!