A friend gave me a letter yesterday from her grandmother asking about the music for a song about Robert E. Lee (May Angels Guard Thee). If anyone reading this knows, or knows anyone that might know, please get in touch with me. I can be reached at the First White House number 334-242-1861. The words go like this:
 Heroic Lee! O peerless Lee!
Unnumbered thousands mourn for thee.
Each widowed heart, each spirit brave,
In silence lisps beside they grave.
Thy land beloved, thy stricken land,
Is bowed in sadness told again
and nations hear the sad refrain (repeat last two lines)
Sleep on, sleep well,
Immortal partner of our woes.’
Sleep on, sleep well,
Sleep on, sleep well.
May angels guard thee!
May angels guard thee in repose
Where dark Potomac’s waters glide,
To Rio Grande’s swift water’s side,
From flowery hill to western plain,
This note of sadness swells again.
O gallant dead! O living brave!
Come breathe a prayer beside his grave (repeat last two lines)