I heard for the first time today about Sam Davis (1842-1863), who is called the Boy Hero of the Confederacy. He was born in Rutherford County, Tennessee, and was recruited by Confederate scout forces early in the War Between the States.

He survived bloody Shiloh, wounded slightly there, and Perryville, where he was wounded more severely. After recovering, he became a courier for Coleman’s Scouts.He was captured on Nov 20, 1863, in possession of Union battle plans. He was arrested as a spy rather than a prisoner of war.

He was sentenced to die by hanging unless he was willing to divulge the name of his contact. He was said to have replied: “I would rather die a thousand deaths than betray a friend”. It reminds me of the Lord Jesus Christ, who was betrayed by his friend, but died so we could live.

Sam Davis was hung on his 21st birthday. A statue of him was erected on the grounds of the Tennessee state capitol at Nashville, and his boyhood home is preserved in Smyrna. The spot of his hanging in Pulaski is likewise marked with a monument and small museum.