There are so many good books about Robert E. Lee. Call of Duty is one that I recommend, and I think a fun way to celebrate his 205th birthday would be to order and read a good book about R. E. Lee.
 At the First White House of the Confederacy we are commemorating with our annual “Robert E. Lee Birthday Party”.  It will be at 11:00 this Thursday, Jan 19 (his actual birth date) and Bob Bradley, Chief Curator of the Alabama Archives & History Dept. will speak briefly about him. Then we cut the wonderful homemade from scratch cake made by our long-time Supervisor of Capital Receptionists, Eva H. Newman.
Of course I know that today is the State Holiday honoring him as well as a Federal Holiday honoring Martin Luther King and that is a good way to celebrate too, but we like to remember REL on his “real” birthday. If you miss our event,  we will have pictures on the website soon. We will let you know when they are posted.. Have a great day now!