After  our  Feb 21 blog  which reprinted the article by Grover Hall, one of our White House Association members  wrote to me: “I believe we must always study and reexamine our history, even if it is difficult. If we do not, we can easily be manipulated sometimes with disastrous results. For example, changing history is what the communists did to control and manipulate public opinion to bring about revolution.”

She goes on to say: “I see our techno, ‘hit the easy button’ world, racing faster and faster toward this scary type of society. Kudos to you for reminding us to slow down and “read, mark and inwardly digest” the painful lessons of our past.”

We all know that we are not “celebrating” but commemorating the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States. How could we not remember, when 620,000 lives were lost on both sides? And how can we learn from the past, unless we study it? We should never be afraid to look back and have honest discussions about our past, the good, the bad and the ugly! We welcome your comments!