As you know, Gone With The Wind was one of my all time favorite movies. While some many think the story line is dated what I like most about the film is it’s celebration of Southerners and their relationship to the land. 

While certainly I would love a pretty frock made out of wonderful green drapes and I still swoon over Clark Gable the real romance of the book is its celebration of the resilient spirit of the people of the south.

Some people enjoy Bette Davis’s performance in Jezebel, but for me Gone With The Wind is still Good Company!!!
More recent books like Gods and Generals gives a compelling story of the tumultuous times experienced by those living during The War. 

 The First White House has a story to tell also – the story of what happened in Montgomery Alabama during the spring of 1861 when the Confederate Government was formed. Stay tuned for more history in our next blog.