In my last blog I outlined the activities for the week of Feb 12-18, 1961 to commemorate the 100 year celebration of the War Between the States.

In the blog we had gotten down to Saturday, Feb 18 – Inauguration Day, and what a day it was! It started at 12:00 noon with the reenactment of the Inaugural parade which formed at the Exchange Hotel (the “new” Exchange – according to Montgomery historian, Mary Ann Neeley, the original Exchange had been torn down in 1902 and the new one build in 1903). The parade proceeded up Dexter Avenue to the State Capitol. This parade consisted of a band, representatives of the Military Units of the day and Jefferson Davis, his wife and his cabinet.

At 1:00 the Reenactment of the Inauguration of Jefferson Davis at the Alabama State Capitol was held, on the exact spot, at the exact day, and on the exact minute it actually happened – 100 years ago.

At 2:00 the Commemoration Parade formed, with beautifully decorated floats, military groups. high school and college bands and dignitaries. The parade formed at the Capitol and proceeded down Dexter Avenue.

At 8:00 PM The Commemoration Ball was held at the Alabama State Coliseum. Everyone was encouraged to appear in antebellum costumes. What an exciting day and night to cap off a week of celebration. Hats off to those who engineered this huge endeavor! What a wonderful tribute to those who labored to form the Confederate States of America – right here in Montgomery Alabama!!!